♦Name's Dalton Smith; BLU Sniper. Ain't much t' say other than tha' it's best t' be on th' good end o' me rifle. However, don't expect anythin' worth th' trouble.
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pypyro: you escaped the womb

[[ohM YGOSH ]]

[attacks patches with kisses (n˘v˘•)¬]


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Imagine sitting beside your icon on a 14 hours plane ride


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How nice of you to come visit~

The Sniper simpered, “Don’t flatter y’self so soon, spook. I just happened t’ be around.” This one better keep those tentacles to himself. He was never a fan of Tentaspies, BLU or RED.

pypyro: There is a tiny BLU Pyro looking up at Dalton, her eyes lit with a heightened sense of excitement, followed by an air of mischievous misgivings that could be easily drawn out despite what seemed like good intentions being written all over her face. "So yoooou're Dalton... Patchy's partner!"



The Sniper rubbed at the back of his neck, peering at the small Pyro before him. His cheeks flushed a subtle red as he murmured in concurrence, “Y-yes I am…” She must be one of Patches’ friends. Any friend of hers was a friend of his. “I don’t believe we’ve met b’fore, though I can see that ya already know who I am.” It would not have been surprising if he hadn’t recognized her. Was she taken in during his absence?

There is no excusable reason for the girl’s rather mischievous motion of aggressive hand rubbing, even while her smile seems ultimately very friendly and altruistic. To cease the movement that she had not voluntarily began, the girl entwined her own fingers and brought her hand to lay on her cheek.

"No, I don’t think we have! My name is Jin, and it is a pleasure to meet you.

It seems like that’s the case with everyone. Everyone’s so happy to see you. Especially Patchy, she’s been bothered a bit by Greyfaces while you were gone.”

And yet—the tone of sympathy and pity dies away as she waves a dismissive hand on the topic.

"But I wanted to ask you something, if you didn’t mind!"

She was certainly a strange one. Though he’s seen stranger in his time. Nonetheless, the Sniper shuffled rather uncomfortably at her behavior whilst maintaining a polite tone. “Er…Th’ pleasure’s all mine, Jin. Fancy meeting you too.” Well, at least he was hoping it would be. He blinked, “Oh? Well I’ll be damned, I didn’t expect anyone else t’ look forward t’ my return. ‘S a delightful surprise. “ He was honestly  glad and grateful or all the warm welcomes  and familiar faces he had received. 

So the greyfaces have been on Patches during his absence? “If I’d been around, they would’a got what was comin’ f’r them.” Dalton was positive that she was able to handle some pesky greyfaces, but he still did not appreciate the idea of them bugging her. Giving a brusque huff, he allowed his annoyance to simmer down. Sharp blue orbs narrowed at the small Pyro, curious but a bit fearful as to what she’d inquire. “Uh…sure, ask away?”


A coyote

by Brian Tang


"I’d rather we ah, discuss these sorta things in private as well….I don’t need people knowin’ ‘bout th’ shit I like an’ all— An’ they sure as hell don’t need t’ know ‘bout what you like either." The feeling of his arms around here help to calm her down, but she’s still embarrassed that Jin had to and ask all those things that little shit. “I—I never really….Thought ‘bout th’ whole uh, tail thing….” 

Was it something he wanted to try?

"I agree." Did he answer that too quickly? Dalton nodded and murmured, “‘S personal information after all.” They could pester him as they please, but delving into Patches’ privacy was a bit much. The Pyro was certainly a mischievous one. He pulled away slightly to peer down at her, "Neither ‘ave I. But it’s all up t’ you. I do want t’ make ya’ happy, no matter what. Even if it has t’ come t’ this.”

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Anonymous: 。◕‿◕。 Just wait until mating season

He hadn’t once forgotten about it.

"Wow. I’ve never felt so awkward in my life."

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